Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rollerbladers Count Too!

Some are aware of Hains Point, or East Potomac Park, and its well known grounds for local cycling teams, runners, and the occasional citizen washing his/her car in tranquility. Hains point is also common grounds for local roller-bladders.

The park is an escape for active residents because of its low traffic volume, and for what traffic exist drivers are mostly courteous. As safe of a place its, accidents do occur. A third-party source revealed of a rollerblader accident at "the point" this afternoon. All the details have yet to be defined, but an ambulance was involved. Anyone who saw this happen, feel free to comment. To all who use "The Point", be careful and look out for each other.


Casey said...

I was out there riding today and did not see the actual accident. However, I will say it was the most nervous driving my car to the parking lot at the end as I've ever been. Cyclists were all over both lanes, runners were going in both directions in both lanes and the bladers were out in force as well. Adding cars to that mix was asking for it. Between the newbies who don't know the rules to the experienced who eschew them, I'm shying away from Hains Point in favor of vehicle traffic.

Tony Dimeglio said...

Don't shy away from Hains Point! It is a perfect place to do some great intervals and pacelining. Its our place as athletes and we should keep it that way.